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An Ethical Investment Solution

There is a strong link between sustainable development, innovation and above-average long-term growth. Orestes looks to invest in companies that have a positive impact on the environment and society while staying on the right side of disruption. 

About Orestes

Orestes’ open-ended and actively managed portfolio may be suitable for low-risk investors as well as charities and trusts, who require a certain yield. The focus is on sustainable and long-term generating assets to provide a stable, low volatility portfolio with yields suited for investors who want a sustainable source of income and want to make sure the funds are used to develop the long-term needs of society. The ESG strategy focuses on liquidity and inflation-linked performance with impact investing and sustainability-focus aligning investment with personal values.

A Focused and Dynamic Portfolio, Invested in Sustainable Companies to Deliver Better Returns.

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Orestes Sustainable Income

Assists below benchmark size companies  to raise debt finance and investors looking for the most efficient and cost-effective way to gain exposure to a diversified pool of high-impact companies. 

250 Million

IBOR+ 550bps

Green and Sustainable Bonds



USD: GB00BP491K41

SIPP, QROPS, ISA Portfolio Bonds and Platform Investments

Daily, Clean Pricing

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Shariah-Compliant Orestes Ethical Equity

Shariah-compliant and SDG-driven investment that meets AAOIFI screening criteria. Also includes a pre-trade screening from world-leading expert. Innovative opportunity in the global equities universe.

50 Million




Ethical Equity and Growth

Daily, Clean Pricing

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Representing a Paradigm Shift

Orestes represents a paradigm shift catalysed by post-COP26, the IPCC report, and other recent events that have highlighted Earth’s ‘tipping points.’ The idea of Orestes was birthed out of a need for positive future-oriented change primarily in the social and environmental spheres. 

of Themes

Themes of Sustainable Development, Greenium and Impact Investing.

Providing Capital to

Below benchmark size (USD 500 Million) companies that create solutions to U.N. SDGs.

Efficient & Cost-efficient

Actively managed certificates, proprietary ESG assessment tools, transparent dashboard.

Differing from others

Orestes focuses on making a positive impact instead of only reducing harm or risk mitigation.


Potential Sectors

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sdg 6: clean water and sanitation

Water security is a critical global issue. Water means life. We need water to drink, remove waste and to grow our food. Climate change is a direct threat to water security for the entire planet.

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sdg 2: Zero hunger

It has been fairly widely reported that, as a global population, we need to grow as much food in the next 30 years as we have grown in the entire history of human agrarian settlement. This is a fairly staggering statement, requiring a number of solutions.

Sustainable Income

There is untapped demand for funding companies focused on generating income from high-impact, ethical assets. Sustainable development goals provide a clear focus for portfolio selection.


The shortage of institutional capital for mid-size projects creates an above average return for high impact projects.

Impact Investing

The portfolio uses the latest evolution of a well-established investment methodology by which investment banks, for more than 20 years, have preserved the wealth of their largest institutional, UHNW and family office investors.

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