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Orestes for sustainable income and a sustainable world.  

Assists below benchmark size companies  to raise debt finance and investors looking for the most efficient and cost-effective way to gain exposure to a diversified pool of high-impact companies. 

Ethical investment locating sustainable sources of income and capital growth with a rigorous pre-trade screening from world-leading advisor.

Shariah-compliant and SDG-driven investment that meets AAOIFI screening criteria. Also includes a pre-trade screening from world-leading expert.

Orestes: An Ethical Investment Solution

  • Provides capital to below benchmark size (USD 500mn) companies that create solutions to U.N. Sustainable Development Goals
  • Combines themes of sustainable development, greenium and impact investing.
  • Represents a paradigm shift catalysed post-COP26 and IPCC Report Release and prepares investors for a SDG, net-zero, and ESG focused world
  • Actively Managed Certificates provide investors an efficient and cost-effective
  • Birthed out of the need for positive future-oriented change primarily in the social and environmental spheres.
  • Differs from the vast majority of ESG/SDG-related investing based on the premise of reducing harm, and risk mitigation/reduction. 
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Orestes successfully combines themes of:

Sustainable Development

  • Companies that provide solutions to the UN Sustainable Development Goals.
  • Focus on making the world more sustainable, equitable and prosperous.
  • Have assets and cashflows which can generate positive returns in all market conditions.


  • Notable shortage of capital for impact projects below benchmark size (USD500m).
  • Premium for green funding, which is an excess return over normal bank rates is evident.
  • Orestes will seek to capitalise on the greenium to generate excess returns for investors.

Impact Investing

  • Potential investee companies will be assessed on their impact and the reporting of it.
  • Necessary to monitor and measure the transparency and clarity mechanism.
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There is a Clear Gap in SDG-Driven Investments

Currently, there is a gap in the market between what the SDG goals hope to achieve and the financing behind them. For example, SDG 7, which focuses on ensuring accessible, reliable and sustainable energy for everyone by 2030, requires current investment to rise from $1.7 trillion to $4.25 trillion per year. 

Extensive Experience in ESG

Orestes draws on over 30 years of industry-leading experience and top-flight academic insight into complex areas of ethical investing and ESG during its selection and verification process.

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Bespoke Assessment Tools to Identify Companies

The assessment is based on 15 questions (five for environment, five for society and five for governance) which all link to the SDGs and that distil the essence of ESG concerns from an investor perspective. Potential investee companies complete the assessment tool and their responses are scored and weighted.

An Illustrative Case Study 

SMARTKAS is an Agtech enterprise disrupting the industry by fusing solutions found in hydroponic greenhouses with high precision farming tech. The quantitative measures it is able to provide focus on its water, energy and CO2 management, thus allowing efficient tracking and reporting. 

farmland showing esg importance
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Adding Transparency and Accountabiliy to Reporting

In line with best market practice, Orestes has committed to a high standard of transparency through Bondstream, a proprietary technology that allows investors to review and monitor their investments.

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