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Actively Managed Portfolio

Combining themes of Sustainable Development, Greenium and Impact Investing, Orestes aims to provide investors a focused and dynamic portfolio invested in sustainable companies to deliver better returns. 



There is a strong link between sustainable development, innovation and above-average long-term growth. Orestes looks to invest in companies that have a positive impact on the environment and society while staying on the right side of disruption. This approach should help avoid large losses.

Positive Impact Themes

Orestes represents a paradigm shift catalysed by post-COP26, the IPCC report, and other recent events that have highlighted Earth’s ‘tipping points.’ The idea of Orestes was birthed out of a need for positive future-oriented change primarily in the social and environmental spheres. Positive impact themes including clean energy, water security, smart farming and green-mining drive investment opportunities. ​

Rigorous Screening

Rigorous screening is undertaken on every investment. This includes consideration of not only the people involved in the companies but also how they conduct their activities. Focus is on outcome orientated, impact businesses which adhere to one or more key ESG criteria or UN SDGs. Furthermore, investments will not be made in companies involved in alcohol, gambling, weapons, tobacco and intensive farming.

Delivering Returns

Since its inception on October 1st 2017 through 2020, a similar portfolio generated an annual return of 14.23% vs. less than 1% for the STOXX 600 index.

Currently there is a gap in the market between what the SDG goals hope to achieve and the financing behind them.


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The Orestes Checklist

Orestes seeks to invest in companies that are providing solutions to environmental and social challenges, and are creating wealth and meeting societal needs without damaging our future.

Environmental And/Or Social Impact

Measuring more than just financial impact

Generate Financial Returns

Impact investing is not philanthropy

Use The U.N. SDGs As A Roadmap

There are 17 goals with 169 targets that act as a blueprint to build a more sustainable, prosperous and healthy world.

Innovative SDG Focused Solution

Must play a leading role in the underlying investments

Long -Term Horizon

Potential companies must provide their long-term view of the future

Active Ownership/ Engagement

Active commitment to change, measurement of impact and transparency in reporting is important for accountability


The focus is on returning cash to investors through ethical investing with a subsequent focus on liquidity and inflation-linked performance. Through the innovative approach to ESG investing Orestes hopes to make a difference through impact and outcomes.  Potential sectors for portfolio allocation include Farming 4.0 and Food Security, Reforestation and Carbon Capture, Green Mining and EV Related Manufacturing, Water Security and Renewable Energy. 

windmills in the deset

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for professional investors only

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