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Application For Orestes Loan Note

Please note that this application is through a Nominee Service and is available in USD, EUR and GBP. 

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Using a Nominee Service

A nominee service can help reduce complexity and make the investment process and ongoing relationships easier and simpler for both issuers and investors.

The nominee holds the securities in its own name but for, and on account of, and for the benefit of the investor/s as the investors’ mandatory and acts as directed by the underlying investor/s in relation to their investment. The terms and conditions on which the nominee acts are set out in the Fiduciary Services Agreement and the nominee manages a range of activities according to the instructions of the investors and the Fiduciary Services Agreement, including:
   i. Voting at investors’ meetings and keeping a record of voting directions and other instructions
   ii. Signing written resolutions or “entitled persons” agreements
   iii. Delivering notices, reports, offers, agreements and other communications
   iv. Distributing any proceeds such as coupons
   v. Exercising rights attaching to the securities
   vi. Giving consents, approvals, or waivers
   vii. Acquiring further securities

The Loan Note

The issuer of the loan note will deploy the funds into an actively managed portfolio as set out in the Investment Memorandum issued by the Company.

If this offering is fully subscribed, the Company may create a new bond and loan note and offer it to Investors. The subscription value would depend on demand.

No. You are investing in a fixed term, fixed income investment.

The investment must be held to maturity.

The Redemption Amount will be determined by the Net Asset Value (NAV) of the Series at the Maturity Date.

The loan note is issued and administered by Sustainable Capital PLC, which is a UK PLC.

Details of the security arrangements of the investment are included in the Investment Memorandum.

The issuer pays the interest to the nominee, who in turnpays the end investor.

Investment Process

Applications made to the Company will be processed by the Nominee according to the terms and conditions of the application. Once signed and approved, funds will be transferred to the Nominee and then onwards to the Company for investment. Funds must be transferred from the same account as on the application form in the same name as the applicant

The minimum investment is 100,000 in GBP/USD/EUR

Professional and HNWI investors only which have been introduced by professional advisers. The contact email of the professional advisers must be provided on the application form.

Yes. Investors are responsible to pay their own withholding tax liabilities. Withholding tax is subject to any lawful and customary exceptions and is dependent on an individual investor’s own taxation status and residence.

You can invest at any time, provided the issuer has not closed the offering.